After being diagnosed with a life changing illness, I was told that I could not ride horses again. As the owner of an Equestrian Center, horses were my life and also my ‘living’. Dr. Towers worked with me to help me figure out my next steps, and maintain my identity as a horse person.
Without her, I would be lost.
— Maureen F.

My son is dual diagnosis, addiction and PTSD. Dr. Towers related to him on a level that no other therapist had managed.  He was finally able to open up and, with her professional and caring guidance, he has started to face his demons.

— Anon

As a survivor of sexual assault, I have dealt with anxiety that takes over my life. Not only has Dr. Towers helped me work with the trauma, but her help with the anxiety, and referral to the right M.D. for suitable medication, has been life saving. 

— Natalie W.


All testimonials are used with permission.